Bell Media National Fellowship 2012

Lucky, lucky, me! I have been selected with 14 other industry peers as recipients of the 2012 Bell Media National Fellowship. It looks like I am in some good company! Some very talented folks I’ve worked with before, and looking forward to meeting the rest. The fellowship gives us an opportunity to go to the Banff World Media Festival that runs from June 10 – 13, 2012 to pitch TV projects we have in development. I am bringing a couple of projects that I am very excited about! The Banff scheduled lineup of speakers and events also looks jam packed! I mean, look at those “after”-parties after the “regular” parties!

I am a Banff virgin, so if you’ve got any tips, send me a message! I’m also pretty darn excited about seeing those Banff mountains.

  The recipients of the 2012 Bell Media National Fellowship 



CBC-WIFT Business of Broadcasting Mentorship begins today!

CBC building, taken from the Ritz-Carlton at the 2011 WIFT Crystal Awards

My week-long CBC mentorship adventure begins today! Thanks to WIFT and CBC, I will be meeting with CBC staff as part of the WIFT-CBC Business of Broadcasting Mentorship Award. I’ve asked them to jam-pack my schedule, and they didn’t hold back. In one week, I will be meeting the departments of drama, comedy, kids, documentary, interactive, and attending tapings – and that’s only skimming the top.

I will be Tweeting my CBC adventures this week (Jan 23 – 27, 2012) at @heiditaoyang.