Named of 2012 ReelWorld TRAILBLAZER (me!)

ReelWorld Film Festival has announced their 2012 TRAILBLAZERS:

Tushar Unadkat, Shernold Edwards, Lisa Jackson, Nathaniel Arcand, Rupinder Nagra, and me!

I am humbled to be listed with these impressive and talented artists and creators. Thank you ReelWorld Film Festival! The festival runs from April 11 – 15, 2012.

CBC-WIFT Business of Broadcasting Mentorship begins today!

CBC building, taken from the Ritz-Carlton at the 2011 WIFT Crystal Awards

My week-long CBC mentorship adventure begins today! Thanks to WIFT and CBC, I will be meeting with CBC staff as part of the WIFT-CBC Business of Broadcasting Mentorship Award. I’ve asked them to jam-pack my schedule, and they didn’t hold back. In one week, I will be meeting the departments of drama, comedy, kids, documentary, interactive, and attending tapings – and that’s only skimming the top.

I will be Tweeting my CBC adventures this week (Jan 23 – 27, 2012) at @heiditaoyang.